About our Company

About our Company

The Debt Books can customise its approach to meet the specific needs of your industry and organisation.

As a receivable specialist, we can identify and investigate accounts to determine where recovery exists, interview the involved parties, establish the facts and negotiate overdue payment on behalf of our clients. Receivable management is a complex process that blends the expertise of our staff and a rigorous process with advanced technology tools to explore various recovery options.

The Debt Books present little financial risk for the client’s organisation. Our competitive fee structure means that we earn revenue when our client’s realise financial recovery. This clearly ensures that our goals are aligned with theirs to maximise recoveries without compromising valued relationships with employers, providers and plan participants.

The Debt Books was established for the purpose of providing a cost effective, receivable management solution specialist for the Australian business industry. Centralisation of our office allows for an effective, efficient and succesful process in handling debtrecovery especially with advances in sophisticated communication networks. The company’s staff, agents, in-house solicitors and management team are all based at the at the one location. Non-fragmentation of resources allows for uniformity in standards, procedures and quality control. We are committed to investments in administrative infrastructures; staff training and knowledge transfer to our customers to support their local operations.

The company has developed a “specialist recovery team”. Our personnel and affiliates have a diversification of skills, which ensures that timely and objective decision making will result in the maximum recovery being achieved in the shortest possible time.

These skills are:

  • Finely tuned debt collection skills.
  • Strong negotiation and dispute resolution skills.
  • Intimate recovery experience and knowledge.
  • National legal training.

Our specialist team recognises the different skill and experience requirements for each client and these can be tailored to be industry specific. Behind the scenes, these professionals work hand in hand to ensure that our clients enjoy a seamless and transparent interface with the debt books. We accomplish this goal by giving great deatailed attention to our clients. Making them aware of all current information and committing to their specific needs and not becoming a generic agency. This enables us to provide better service and create a more productive environment.

Our Services

How we work with clients

“At The Debt Books, client success is our priority.”

Many years of experience has taught us that every client is unique. At The Debt Books we recognise this diversity and have structured our organisation to flexibly and responsively serve individual client requirements.

  • Full Service option for outsourcing all recovery services. Outsourcing of recoveries can enhance the image and reputation of clients, as they are not perceived as debt collectors. Outsourcing to us, as expert’s results in an increase in the recovery rate at a lower cost to the client.
  • Co-sourcing or the share of responsibility, with an in-house recovery unit, including investigation only, recoveries over/under a specific limit retrospective reviews or difficult recoveries.
  • Supplemental services that support your in-house recovery operations for co-ordination of benefits. These include litigious requirements, investigations and field calls and skip locations.

All our programs maximise recoveries while protecting valued relationships.

Payment monitoring program

Our program is designed to do more than just follow up monthly payers; it also performs regular evaluations to determine an upgraded ability to pay.

  • Initial telephone contact to confirm payment arrangements and update information.
  • Follow up telephone calls are made the day after an account has become past due.
  • Quarterly reviews to update financial status and to determine improved ability to pay.
  • Easy payment acceptability via: Visa. Mastercard, Bankcard, Money order or cheque.
  • Monthly reporting package tailored to business requirements.
  • Automated letter series.
  • Duration of program-account will be handled until a resolution is met.


  • Improved Management.
  • Increased cash flow
  • More cost effective then traditional collection agency fees
  • Increased time for other responsibilities.
  • Labour cost savings achieved by reducing hiring and training of an in-house recovery unit.

Why use The Debt Books

Complete Debt Solution continues to be dedicated in providing the most effective service available.

As well as our specialist staff and management, our “shared” in-house system allows each memebr to work efficiently in an on-line environment. Our system allows work to be priority categorised as set by our clients and being fully automated increases the work processing capabilities. All information stored on our network server has restricted access and adheres to privacy legislation. Even though our recoveries and efficiency grow through the use of technology, the most important factor has not changed. Our succes is a direct result of the talents and devotion of our staff and affiliates.

Summary of Benefits

  • Accelerating the rate of recovery of outstanding receivables.
  • Reducing the high cost of maintaining an in-house collection department.
  • Curtailing staff training and turnover costs.
  • Increased communications and follow up with debtors.
  • providing forecasts and projections on receivables.
  • On line acces for file reviews.
  • Statistical reports tailored to individual specific requirements.
  • Increasing client’s time to perform core activities.